You Say Clem-AH’-tis, I Say CLEM’-a-tis

However you say it, who can resist these truly stunning flowers, some of the most luscious and dramatic in the whole catalog of flowering vines! Velvety and bold (like 'Ramona', above) or bell-shaped and demure, Clematis are seductive, versatile and easier to grow than most people believe.

We carry a selection of large and small-flowered varieties with an equally diverse range of growth habit... some dainty enough for a mailbox and others whose vigor will cover the side of a small building. Stop in soon and see them while they're blooming.

Annuals have been flying out but we're getting a back-up shipment this week, so there's still time to make a selection from what our customers say is the most unusual offering around. Lots of larger, tender Salvias too, for gaps in the perennial border and lavish flowering in late summer and early fall.

We're open every day, 9 until 6, for all your planting, landscaping, maintenance and stonework needs.

Malus Aforethought

Confession: I never cared much about Crabapples, neither liking nor disliking them to any great degree. They were another spring flowering tree commonly seen on neighborhood front lawns, like Dogwoods and Redbuds. Pretty, but nothing remarkable. Then I inherited one at the house I bought.

It was planted about ten years prior by the two spinster sisters who lived here, and who had an infallible sense of what would look just right at this funky old farmhouse. Taken out of its suburban setting, near our clothesline and on the route we take, twice daily at least, to the henhouse and vegetable garden, it seems perfectly suited and has . . .

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