Time of the Grasses

This is the supreme moment of the year for most ornamental grasses, and a great time to note their distinctive characteristics and choose your favorites. At Pondside we have a nice selection at the peak of their early fall beauty: Miscanthus, Panicums, Pennisetums, Andropogons, Sporobolus, Eragrostis, Deschampsias and more! Stop in soon to compare and contrast... there are wonderful grasses for every situation, and we're here to help you make sense of the confusing names and choose the species and varieties that are right for your garden.

Cool it Down with Summer Whites

Yes, Gentle Readers, it's been a very hot summer with record temperatures and less than average rainfall, coming on the heels of an almost snowless winter. Ground water is depleted and gardeners as well as plants are feeling stressed, tired and wilted. But we soldier on, resilient and ever hopeful... that's part of what it means to be a gardener!

Like a crisp linen shirt, white in the garden can be a refreshing and revitalizing antidote to the sultry weather. There are many choices with either flowers or foliage in shades of white to help alleviate the heat, at least visually. Here, a few of my recommendations . . .

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