Conifer Candy Box


Ok, we admit we went a little crazy with our order from the famed Iseli Nursery in Oregon, but the reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jake selected dozens of interesting and seldom seen cultivars he’s always wanted to grow, many of them Iseli introductions unavailable elsewhere.  Then Heather and I added to the list, and the result was a truck full of fabulous trees and shrubs that it took the Sturdy Lads a whole day to unload.

There are Pines, Spruces, Hemlocks, Firs and more in variegated, colored, weeping, contorted, dwarf and other unusual forms rarely offered for sale in this area.

In addition to all the amazing conifers, we bought some incredible Japanese Maples, Golden Dawn Redwoods, uncommon Beeches, white Wisterias, clipped Boxwoods and more.

These aren’t inexpensive plants, but if you want a show-stopping specimen, a bonsai candidate, or if you’re just a lover of unusual plants, you’ll want to shop this collection.

Come in and check them out soon, while our selection is still good and planting conditions are ideal.

Hope to see you soon, and thanks for reading.

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